Looking a gift horse in the mouth


For my birthday we cashed in on the vouchers for a free night at the Grand Hyatt, Muscat. It’s a stunning building – opulent and rich with atmosphere. The entrance is an Arabic tent. Arabs and tourists from all over sip tea or coffee listening to the grand piano. By the time we had dinner, breakfast and lunch hundreds of pounds had disappeared from our account into their company profits. Well, we expected that.

However, even a free room can be a rip-off. They put us in the smelliest nastiest room in the hotel, by the bins. The shower had big brown stain in it. They had the nerve to bash our door waking us up at eight ‘to check the mini-bar‘. Then they charged us sixty pounds for two breakfasts. For this breakfast – equivalent to the price of a decent hotel room in most countries. the tea was weak as a Zimbabwee dollar. They ran out of eggs. When they finally got them back again, demand was so high the crush was unpleasant The pool was freezing. The baby pool was even colder and unusable.

We complained. They said the hotel was full (which it clearly was not) and promised us a better room next time. And why exactly do they think there will be a next time? We’re off to the Chedi (never tried but stunning Far Eastern architecture), the Crown Plaza (friendliest staff in Muscat and magnificent view) or the Shangrai La (voted world’s best beach resort and Oman’s only six star hotel a few miles out of Muscat).


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3 Responses to “Looking a gift horse in the mouth”

  1. MarkE Says:

    We have stayed at all three of the hotels at the Barr al Jissah Shangri la Resort and they all are top notch! The service has always been friendly and the rooms spotless, quiet, and very comfortable. Anytime there is one of the GCC specials going on, we are off to the “Shang”. Enjoy your time hotel-hopping! I’ve heard good things about the Chedi so am anxious to hear your take on that one as well.

  2. andydbrown Says:

    So sorry to hear about the bad service you received there. Thanks a lot for the warning!

  3. Princess Says:

    Sounds like an AWFUL experience:(

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